I’m going to find the moon

“I’m going to find the moon” I shout upstairs, pulling the front door closed behind me.

Then zip my coat to my chin and head off.

I find it at the end of the street, hanging above the blackbirds calling out the day.

Breathe in, the fading light, this blue is my favourite colour.

Look up to see gulls soaring silently over and wonder, where are you going?

Our postman passes. It’s late for him.

I think twice about it, but then step off the pavement.

“Hi Jon, how are you?”

A pause, his face angled down.

They are up against it, drowning in parcels, working ever longer hours.

“And the weather’s against us”

“They want us to do more sorting tonight, but I’m done for today, you know?”

“I won’t keep you then” I said, turning.

“You already have…”

I laugh nervously.

“…but it was nice to enjoy the moon with you”