Shake it up, when you’re feeling stuck

This exercise will support you to:

  • Focus on what you can and would like to change
  • Decide on what you’re going to do differently
  • Feel different from when you started

It’ll take about 20 minutes to complete.

before you get started…

  • Grab a pen and some paper and find a private place, where you can move and write uninhibited
  • Have to hand a way to play some music
  • This exercise may shift or bring up feelings, go easy and if you feel at any time you prefer to pause or stop, then do
  • Write down your responses to the questions below, following it through to the end if you feel up to it

shake out

  • Stand up in a space where you can move, you’re going to spend a few minutes moving to free up your energy
  • Put on a song that you like to dance or move to
  • Stop at any time if you feel the need to, but don’t worry about looking silly, no one can see you : )
  • Listen to the music and move / dance to it if you feel like it
  • When the song stops, stand still and breath slowly until your breath returns to a normal pace
  • Scan your body, noting how things feel – tight, loose, cold, warm, numb, tingly?


  • Imagine you are river flowing through the landscape, what is your river like? Close your eyes and visit your river:
    • How quickly or slowly does it move?
    • What is in it?
    • What is around it?
    • Where does it come from, and lead?
  • Is there anything about your river that surprises you?
  • What is beautiful about it as it is?
  • If anything, what about your river would you like to change?

find a place to start

  • What do you wish was different, large or small, in your life and the world around you? Write down a list all the things you can think of
  • Which of these things do you have personal control or influence over? Underline with one line the things you have a little control over, underline with two lines the things you have a lot of control over
  • Of the things you have a lot of control over, choose the one that you think will be the easiest to change


  • Take some time to get to know this thing you’d like to change:
    • How does it make you feel at the moment?
    • How long have you wanted to make this change for?
    • What impact is this thing having on your or other’s lives?
  • Write down the thing you’d like to change in the middle of the page, write around it all the options you have for changing the situation
  • Circle the options that feel both easy and attractive
  • Would you like to take these option forward? If so, decide now, what do you need to do next to start this change?

to finish

  • Note down three words to describe how you are feeling now
  • On reflection, is this different or the same from when you started?
  • However you feel now, well done, thinking about making changes happen takes courage
  • It’s very much up to you what you do with the new insight you’ve developed, whatever you do next, go easy on yourself and good luck : )